I decided to purchase because I was inspired by Rinoa a while back to create some fansites for my favorite game characters. I do quite a lot of gaming and get very attached to the characters. I put that off, though, because I've not done any web design for several years now and I dreaded getting back into it.

      On December 5, 2013 Steam released a port for Final Fantasy VIII, which is my favorite of all the Final Fantasy games. Replaying it seriously furthered my drive to start working on some fan sites.

      Then, as if to seal the deal, on January 25, 2014 TheFanlistings.Org reopened its doors after being on hiatus for a very, very long time. This was yet another incentive to purchase a fan-based domain and get to work.

      So the fates aligned, and finally I settled on a domain name. I named it for so many reasons. It sums up in a word how I feel about the characters I love, how they are destined for each other, and I am destined to love them. Along with all the little 'signs' that came about leading up to this moment.

      I purchased the domain name from Hover & my hosting with 3ix on January 25, 2014. So far I am very happy with my services! c: is © ashley 2014. ♥
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